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What are Career Objectives on a Resume?

A career objective is the first and the most important heading on your resume. You must think twice to add a career objective on resume because these few lines make a strong first impression of a candidate on an employer. Today, I will tell you what career objectives on a resume, why they are so important, how to write career objectives by following a few examples are. Let's get started without any unnecessary delay.

What is meant by Career Objective?

A career objective is a short statement of your personal goals. As soon as a prospective employer open your resume, he looks at this summary which provides him with a glimpse of your skills, experience, and professional goals. 

You can write objectives in a few words or two-three sentences. They could be general or specific. However, it is advised to add job-specific career objectives as they provide a clear idea to the employer where you are standing right now in your career ladder and when you want to go in the future

What to Consider when Writing Career Objective for Resume?

Here are three crucial points to consider before you write resume objectives. You should also check different types of resume with pros, cons and formats.

1. Don't Make it all about YOU

The objective of writing a resume is to get a job, and it is that obvious. You don't have to mention that in your career objective statement at all. Some people make a mistake. They start the statement in this manner

"I want to get a challenging job which let me gain some experience in the tech field."

This is a wrong start, and you need to avoid it. Every candidate is sending a resume because he wants the job (common sense), don't state it anywhere in your resume; else you will showcase yourself as a person without common sense (dumb).

2. Skip First Person Pronouns 

Many people make a resume all about them. I did this; I did that. It doesn't leave a good impression on an employer's mind. So, you should skip this style of writing.

3. Describe: what you will do for them

It is a must-have thing to add to your career resume objective statement. Without it, your statement is incomplete or only unattractive. Everyone is interested in their own interest. Same is right about employers. They don't want to read who you are. They want to know what you can do for them, what value will you add to their company.

general resume objective examples

Who need Objectives Statements on their Resumes?

  • Mainly candidates who have little or no experience often go for this resume statement. 

  • Some students who want to get a job during their study period. Or who have just finished high school and has a desire to start a career.

  • This statement is useful when you change your work and career field from time to time, and you don't want to hide this aspect. 

  • Last but not least, some experts add an objective statement on their resume. Their objectives describe their past experiences. 


How to Write a Career Objective for a Resume?

Follow this guide, and it will make objective statement writing for resume quite simple for you.

Think about your two or three strong traits. General resume objective examples are hard-working, highly-motivated, innovative, problem-solving, analytical skills, communication, dedicated, organized, team-player, engaged, detail-oriented, and similar aspects.

  • Start with your two or three traits ( avoid first-person writing style)

  • Explain your career goals briefly

  • Know to describe what you are planning to do for the company. How you are going to add value to the company 

  • Write the position for which you are applying, state the name of the company.

  • Keep it simple, to-the-point, and short. 

  • 2-3 sentences are more than enough.


Few Resume Objective Statement Examples

I'm going to share a few general examples which lend you a helping hand during the objective writing task.

Career Objective Resume for Freshers

A fresher is one who has no experience. So, he can showcase his strong skills and traits through which he can make a difference in his job.

A motivated and focused person is ready to make the most of his organizational and time-management skills. Seeking to join XYZ Company as a data-entry operator to complete all assigned tasks based on provided guidelines and instructions on time.


Student Resume Objective Examples

Students can make the most from their high school good grades, and other activities such as sports, student government, art/craft, drama or theatre. Here is how:

Highly-motivated ( best trait) senior year chemistry student at XYZ University (current GPA:3.9) (good grades and education), ready to join XYZ University's Chemistry Research Center (name of the company) as a part-time/permanent/full-time research assistant. Seeking to leverage lab management and maintenance skills ( skills you have) acquired through one-year volunteer work at campus's chemistry lab to ensure that research and learning process of other students become trouble-free ( you are adding value to university's student life)

teacher resume objective example

Wrap up

It's not hard to write a resume objective statements. Just follow the simple tutorial I mentioned above, and you will come up with something outstanding; which help you draw the attention of employer toward your resume in no time.


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