Most Common Healthcare Jobs in Pakistan 2021


Medical jobs are part of an essential sector in public healthcare service. Since healthcare jobs can be rewarding and fulfilling, many families send their children to study medicine abroad and invest their life and money to make them enter this field. With the right training and dedication, you can make your parents proud of you by finding a stable job with many public healthcare opportunities. There are many different types of health care jobs in Pakistan. This article will introduce them to you.

I. Medical Jobs Without a College Degree

Medical appointments are very prestigious and humanitarian. Depending on a wide range of specialties, there are various career options. Although this medical field might require years of studies, research, and training, this article might surprise you with several medical careers that do not take a long educational process. If you are seeking a medical job without a college degree, you might find many options for high school graduates with additional education and training that doesn't cost too much.

1. Hospital Receptionists

hospital receptionist

They make part of the hospital administrative jobs. They are the medical clerks, who check appointments, hospital visits and check payment. Hospital receptionists do not have a higher college degree. The skills required for this job are computing skills, being well organized, and being a good listener.

2. Health Information Technician

Health Information Technicians (HIT) maintain medical records, send patients or guide them to a specific department in the hospital. They should have excellent computing skills to keep these records on computers. Usually people who work in health information technology hold a degree for an assistant in a health information technology or a related field. Hospital information technicians usually get interviewed before getting hired. For a similar interview, read this:

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3.      Health Aide or Personal care Aide

Health aides exist in both private and public healthcare system. They are usually responsible for helping the disabled or the elderly with personal hygiene such as showering, dressing, and helping them to take medicines. They can be home assistants and work at the patient's house or living with them for a full-time assistant. These personal aids need skills in taking care of patients and looking after them, especially during the absence of the family.

4.      Ambulance Driver:

This job requires punctuality and excellent driving skills to rescue patients and drop them at the hospital at times. An ambulance driver usually has no college degree.

II. Medical Careers with Special Training and Education:

We all know that the medical field includes numerous professions that are expected to be in demand inside and outside Pakistan and even on an international level. If you didn't pursue studies in medicine, you are not deprived of entering the medical sector. Here is the list of the public healthcare jobs that do not require further studies.

healthcare assistant

  • Registered Nurse: (RN Registered Nurses are part of the great female jobs where women are more numerous than men in taking nursing tasks. They take care of patients in both hospitals and clinics. Adding to a bachelor's degree, a registered nurse pursues further studies for hospital training. Then, nurses might take another exam for public work. There are so many types and levels of nursing. They all depend on seniority and specialty. For example, a nurse in the birth department has different training than that of the cardio-vascular department.  
  • Nursing Assistant: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is the person who works with a licensed nurse to obtain medical reports, organize medical equipment, sterilize material, and more. To become certified in this field, you will need to complete training, after studying the analytical process of nursing assistants to obtain a degree. Knowing that each country has its own educational and hiring system, but it is usually about quick classroom instruction and clinical training. Some hospitals require a test or an exam before hiring nursing assistants.
  • Phlebotomist: phlebotomists have many tasks in hospitals' laboratory. They are those who take blood from the patient's vein or do blood transfusions, tests, and research. This job requires serious training because you should master blood drawing equipment and technique. Phlebotomists do not have a long educational process to get this job. Training takes a considerable part before employment.
  • Physical Therapists: they are also known as Massage therapists. They are therapists who work in the fractional department and physical recovery. They are specialized in fixing muscles and bones in the body. They also help the patient to recover from arthritis or stress. Physical therapists can also work in hotels for spa and skincare departments. These therapists are hired after getting a massage therapist license.

III. Medical Careers

Medical careers

  • Doctor: doctors can be labeled as physicians. They are those who can diagnose and treat patients. Many of them can work in many disciplines, including pediatrics, family care, oncology, etc. All these specialties require further training and studies. That is, doctors might shift from being a generalist to a higher unique level after achieving specialist investigations. If you want to be a doctor, here is where to go:
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  • Dentist: dentists are part of an extraordinary medical career that requires fewer studies than general doctors. These doctors are specialized in dentistry since the 1st year of college.
  • Radiologist: radiologists help doctors to diagnose certain illnesses by using image techniques, such as x-rays, scans, and tomography. They can either work in clinics specialized in radiology or the imagery hospital department.

These were the different jobs in Pakistani healthcare sectors. They are classified from less educational jobs to higher qualified degrees. If you are a medical student or interested in getting a job in the medical field, read this article, and visit similar career advice articles from


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